Bedtime - Essential Oil Roll On | 8ML - Derek Product

Bedtime - Essential Oil Roll On | 8ML

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This is the perfect blend of essential oils designed to help promote restfulness . This blend is great to use if you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep either at night or during the day.  Works great with for children or seniors that have trouble staying asleep at night. 


  • Mandarin - Relaxing, peaceful, calming, helps promote restful sleep.
  • Marjoram - Comforting, deeply relaxing, fortifying, and warming.
  • Lavender - Soothing, calming, balancing, well known to promote relaxation and restful sleep.
  • Ylang Ylang - Emotionally uplifting, may help ease stress and anxiety as well as feelings of anger.
  • Vetiver - Deeply relaxing, grounding, meditative, used traditionally as a sleep aid and to restore emotional balance.


* All oils are diluted with jojoba oil and ready for use.