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A statue holding a hand made all natural bar soap from Derek Products

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An all natural organic bar soap from Derek Products on top of a rock

Our Soap

the benefits of our all natural ingredients

A stack of honey and oatmeal bar soaps from Derek Products

Honey & Oatmeal Skin Benefits

Notably, our most popular face soap. It is anti-inflammatory and helps to gently remove dead skin cells from your skin as well as soothe and exfoliate your skin . We also threw a little all natural raw honey which helps kill bacteria that may cause acne and other skin conditions. Customers with dry skin swear by this bar.

A stack of all natural organic bar soaps made with french clay from Derek Products

French Clay Skin Benefits

French Clay is a clarifying and purifying clay that can revitalize your complexion and tighten your pores. It has been widely known for its detoxifying skin care benefits, that can be attributed to its unique mineral composition. Gives your skin that smooth finish.

A stack of all natural organic bar soaps made with french clay from Derek Products

Paprika Skin Benefits

Our Morning Vibe bar contains  all natural paprika which is loaded with vitamins, iron, and beta-carotene. These essential vitamins prevents the occurrence of freckles and age spots leaving your skin with a natural youthful glow.


Ordered the honey oatmeal as part of my monthly subscription and it came the next day, the entire box was smelling wonderful! This soap does not leave my skin dry and tight, but leaves it feeling fresh. Good organic soap is hard to find these days. Simple like that!

Amy Tran

 I’ve used all of your soaps and will not go back to what I used before discovering Derek Products. Thank goodness for Derek Products.

Patricia R.

This product is just amazing! I purchase 2 soaps Honey Oatmeal Bar & Morning Vibe and I was very pleased with the refreshing scent and how well I felt after using them. I will definitely be purchasing more in the near future. The Derek Product has became family in my home. Great job and much continued success.

Al Dobard

I have tried all of Derek Products and love the quality and smell. These are the best soaps I have used and will not be going back to my old choice. Thank you!

Reginald Moffit

The quality is high end. Smell is just right. Not too strong but not under scented neither. After showering your skin won’t feel dry. Very good price for the quality. 

Don Nguyen

Very pleased with this item. The fresh fragrance is very invigorating. Will definitely recommend this product. Great gift item for any occasion.

Rodney Robinson

This week I have been using the St Roch soap. It is really great! Usually when I get out of the shower, using body wash, I still feel like part of it has been left on, but not with this soap! I feel clean and like it all rinsed off as it should. This is a hidden gem when it comes all natural soaps.

Linda Barnett

Love it! Love it!! I have always had skin issues. I discovered this soap by researching the benefits of Paprika. This stuff is awesome!! This is the first soap I have used that keeps my face clear and does not make my skin dry and red. I will definitely purchase the subscription. 

Angela P.

Have been using this face soap ( Honey & Oatmeal ) for a number of weeks now. It is the first (and best) soap I've used that does NOT dry out my skin! I've tried 4 or 5 other kinds of so called "moisturizing" face soaps before but they all dried out my skin. This one is worth the extra money. Highly recommend the subscription. 

Mario Perez