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Jamaica Imported - Purple Sea Moss - 100% WildCrafted - DerekProduct

Jamaica Imported - Purple Sea Moss - 100% WildCrafted

Derek Product

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- Imported Fresh from Jamaica -

Our body requires these minerals  to operate at peak performance and fight off virals and bacteria.  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to refresh yourself, as well as regulate your health journey with this amazing product straight from Mother Earth.


Common Uses of Raw Sea Moss

  1. Sea Moss Gel:  add it to your tea, smoothie, vegetable and salad
  2. It can be applied while taking baths and thus hydrates your skin. 
  3. Used a face mask to tighten and hydrate your skin.


Please note that our sea moss is wild crafted, so there is a possibly that Sea Moss can be lighter or darker in color in some cases.  

This product is not intended to cure any disease.